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For all those dedicated to aiding in the aftermath of the Chornobyl disaster, we’ve crafted an exclusive Supporter Pack. This pack provides even more immersive elements and exclusive content from the game’s development process.

Exclusive Tool Skins

To amp up your Chornobyl cleanup experience, we’ve added the option to switch up the skins for all 7 in-game tools.

  • Trick out your tools with a unique radiated look that stands out!

HUB Customization

Tired of a plain and basic HUB? We’ve added a twist to your visual experience with exciting customization options!

  • Beautify your HUB with extra elements, like a wild boar trophy.

Hero skins

Our pack also lets you change your Liquidator’s skin. Choose from 4 options and find your style.

  • Switch up your appearance with 4 unique skins (1 universal, 3 additional)

Additional Exclusive Elements

Dive deeper into the game’s world with our extra additions. Enjoy graphical and musical elements all in one place.

  • Experience the Original Soundtrack that takes you straight into the danger zone, letting you feel the true impact of the Chornobyl disaster.
  • Keep the immersion going even after your game sessions with animated wallpapers.
  • Discover the artistic vision behind the game with a unique set of concept art prepared by our team.
  • Flip through the pages of our artbook, filled with carefully selected graphics that cover our game world.


Live Motion Games Team

small - Das streaming Twitch Team aus Deutschland

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