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Craft, Fortify, Survive.

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In the heart of the Mediterranean, a once-tranquil island now harbors a chilling secret. VORAX, an open-world survival horror experience, plunges you into a nightmarish scenario where survival is a relentless struggle against the unknown. A lethal pathogen has swept through the local population, transforming this picturesque setting into a breeding ground for terror.

Your ordeal begins with a mission gone horribly awry. As you crash-land onto this forsaken island, you find yourself trapped in an escalating nightmare. Alone, with minimal resources and a meager survival kit, your battle for survival is just beginning.

Scavenge and Craft:
With limited supplies, you must improvise to create tools, weapons, and shelter. The art of survival demands ingenuity and resilience.

Seek Safe Haven:
Construct barricades, fences, and traps in a variety of buildings. Your temporary shelter is your fortress against the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

Unravel the Mystery:
As you delve deeper, the dark origins of the virus and its grotesque effects on its hosts emerge. What secrets does this island hide?

Dynamic Environment:
Explore diverse landscapes – urban sprawls, haunting sewers, enigmatic caves. Each location holds its own dangers and mysteries.

Unique Adversaries:
Face off against foes with unpredictable attack patterns. Every encounter is a test of your survival instincts.

Tactical Advantage:
Utilize a military-grade tactical helmet with an integrated HUD for a strategic edge.

Realistic Survival Mechanics:
Hunt, cook, treat injuries, and manage resources in a world where every decision can mean the difference between life and death.

The Elements Against You:
A day-night cycle and dynamic weather system add layers of complexity to your survival strategy.

Mental and Physical Endurance:
Overcome the psychological toll of isolation and the physical demands of survival.

Transportation and Repair:
Navigate the island with various vehicles, maintaining them to ensure your mobility and survival.

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Do You Have the Grit to Survive?

, your wits, will, and courage are the only things standing between life and a gruesome fate. Prepare to face a relentless enemy that hunts you relentlessly. Can you survive the horrors of the island and uncover its darkest secrets? The challenge awaits.

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